Víctor Manuel Martínez González

With more than 10 years of experience in Private Law, he currently is a Senior Associate at Kroy Abogados.

He collaborated with Notary 53 and 243 of Mexico City and 35 in the state of Queretaro, likewise, he directed and consolidated the corporate law area at the Pérez López Abogados firm, creating strategies for the prevention and resolution of controversies.

He has participated as an external consultant for law firms specialized in multiple areas of the law designing and negotiation all kind of contracts, covenants, minutes and council meetings, articles of association, corporate amendments; and similarly, he has been involved in mergers and acquisitions, demergers, wind-ups, access to capital and the improvement of corporate practices for the growth of their clients.

As part of the relevant matters in which he has been successfully involved, it can be mentioned that, in collaboration with law firms abroad, he has counseled various companies in the acquisition and sale of assets and shares to national and foreign corporations. Similarly, he has negotiated and implemented covenants between partners and stakeholders for the operation and management of several corporations; likewise, he has performed interim and crisis management functions to stabilize the legal and operative performance of national and multinational companies. In collaboration with financial firms, he has carried out domestic anti-fraud investigations for public companies listed abroad. He has participated as consultant in multiple trials with a high degree of technical specialization for the resolution of corporate, commercial, civil and property conflicts.

Furthermore, he has counseled various clients in terms of commercial and corporate law, designing the corporate restructuring of corporations and registered and commercial partnerships. He has advised various companies for the due compliance of their tax obligations in the national territory. He has carried out various corporate audits for companies that are part of a corporate group, both national and multinational. On the other hand, he has advised firms abroad in terms of regulatory law regarding the import of consumables within the national territory. He has also advised various clients regarding estate planning, inheritance processes and acquisition of real properties.