Foreign trade and Customs

  • Revisions of origin
  • Attention to Audits
  • Undervaluation on the import of goods
  • Customs Administrative Proceedings against importers (tariff classification of goods & Customs valuation)
  • Custom & tax audits
  • Advice on duty charges
  • Registration of companies in the General Importers’ List (Padrón General de Importadores)
  • Scuring of certificates of compliance with mandatory Mexican official standards (“NOMs”) at the point of entry
  • Legal remedies against rulings issued by custom authorities during and after customs clearance

Administrative Law Court Actions

  • Administrative and Constitutional Litigation
  • Competitive Biddings and Privatizations
  • Proceedings and authorizations before CONDUSEF, CNSF and CNBV
  • Motions for Revocation before SAT and Motions for Annulment before the TFJFA
  • Complaints before Internal Audit Offices
  • Public servants Liability
  • Collecting before Public Entities

Corporate and Business Law

  • Insurance and operations through Trusts
  • Meeting Minutes and corporate matters
  • Bankruptcy and credit restructures
  • Advise to Leasing Companies and Financial Entities
  • Foreign Investment
  • Advise in Anti-money Laundering schemes
  • Mergers, Spinoffs and Liquidations
  • Real Estate Law

Hydrocarbons and Environmental Law

  • Integral Service Contracts
  • Advisory in Regulatory matters
  • Maritime
  • Integral services for structuring and financing of energy projects
  • Mergers and acquisitions of energy projects (M&A)
  • Rights of way
  • Social/Environmental Impact Studies
  • Authorizations before Licencias and enviroment permits

Tax Law

  • Consulting- Advice on Mexican and international taxes
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Real State tax planning
  • Advice on Domestic and International taxes
  • Mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions
  • Tax audits
  • Rulings, permits and authorizations
  • Tax litigation (nullity actions and Constitutional claims)
  • Rulings, permits and authorizations
  • Tax refund proceedings (VAT and Income Tax)
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax planning - Outsourcing

Pharmaceutical Industry and Health Sciences

  • Pharmaceutical advertisement
  • Import of health products
  • Development of Investigation Protocols
  • Data Protection before COFEPRIS
  • Withdrawal of products from the market
  • Authorizations, notices and permits
  • Registration and license of pharmaceutical products
  • Sales to the Public sector and competitive biddings
  • Product divestitures
  • Counterfeit and implementation of measures against health crimes

Internal Investigation-Anti-corruption

  • Preventive advisory Anti-corruption
  • Internal Audits
  • Forensic advisory and Computer and Internet Crimes
  • Frauds and Prevention Money Laundering
  • Integrity Programs and drafting Internal Policies

Labor Law

  • Preventive advisory
  • Corporate Training
  • Drafting of ad-hoc labor documentation
  • Labor audit
  • Drafting of Collective Bargaining Agreements and Internal Labor Regulations
  • Attention to individual terminations with employees, execution of agreements before the Conciliation and Arbitration Boards
  • Implementation of strategies and documentation in staff reductions

Civil and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

  • Collection proceedings and bankruptcy
  • Arbitration and Mediation
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Proceedings, Special Pledge and Surety Foreclosure Proceedings
  • Civil Liability
  • Litigation regarding Trademarks, Copyrights and Royalty Payments
  • Succession and Family Law
  • Disputes among Shareholders
  • Constitutional Lawsuits
  • Judicial/Constitutionality review

Criminal Law –Crime Prevention

  • Tax Financial and economic criminal law
  • Enveironment criminal law
  • Computer and intelectual property criminal law
  • Operations and securing merchandise
  • Corporate criminal compliance and criminal liability
  • Corporate consulting on crime prevention
  • Comprensive care of crimes related with hydrocarborn and acts of vandalism
  • Courses to companies on Anti-Money Laundering
  • Special investigations
  • Consulting and litigation in criminal law
  • Prevention strateggy in money laundering

Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies-Inofrmation Technology Law

  • Trademarks, Commercial Notices
  • Names of Origin
  • Copyrights- Software protection
  • Patents and Utility Models
  • Industrial and Commercial Designs
  • Electronic evidence
  • Data Protection
  • Internet law

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Integrity Management System Implementation
  • Implementation of international standards of Social Responsability
  • Management and follow-up of internal audits
  • Support and follow-up in Certification Audits
  • Corporate Volunteer Work
  • Drafting of Sustainability Memos under the GRI4 methodology
  • Adherence to the principles of the United Nations Global Pact and the COP Communication on Progress
  • Application for the certifications of a Social Responsible Corporation, Clean Company, Family Responsible Corporation