Ariadna Vianney Hernández Castañeda

She is a lawyer in the areas of Civil, Family Law and Commercial Litigation at Kroy Abogados, graduated from the law school at the National Autonomous University of Mexico; she carried out her Community Service and Professional Practices at the International Commercial Practices Unit of the Secretary of Economy, participating in the resolution of investigations on International Unfair Commercial Practices and Safeguards, collaborated in the execution of public hearings, verification visits, as well as conciliatory and technical meetings with Companies and the National Manufacturing Sector regarding each investigation.

With the purpose of strengthening her academic background, she studied the Specialty in Resolution of Socio-environmental Controversies in the Hydrocarbon Sector conducted by the Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco, which allowed her to develop arbitration abilities.

Throughout her experience working at Kroy Abogados' team, she has participated in Corporate Hearings with the purpose of acknowledging the corporate situation of various multinational companies. Currently, as part of the Civil, Familiar Law and Commercial Litigation team, she is experienced in family disputes trials, such as divorces and succession proceedings, as well the planning, projecting and resolution of civil and commercial affairs in an integral manner for the companies.