Mauricio Luévanos Ayala

Graduated from the Escuela Libre de Derecho. He has a wide experience in the areas of Constitutional, Administrative and Tax Law, providing his services in renowned firms specialized in the subject.

He is interested in constant study and training, additional to the common subjects taught during the bachelor's degree, he has a knowledge in Electoral Law, Energetic Law, Rights of Indigenous People and the Administrative Resources Workshop conducted at the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

In addition to his professional performance in the legal area, he has conducted vocational orientation conferences at the "Instituto Matense de Estudios Profesionales" in the city of Mante Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Among the relevant subjects in which he has participated are: i) Conclusive Agreements before the Attorney General for Taxpayer Defense, ii) Proceedings of Annulment before the Federal Tax and Administration Court and the Mexico City Court of Administrative Justice, iii) Writs of Amparo in terms of the Rights of Indigenous People, iv) Writs of Amparo in terms of Administrative Law and v) tax consultancy for both legal entities and natural persons.

Currently, he works in the Tax and Administrative Law area at Kroy Abogados.