Leysy Sarai del Pilar Ramírez Chavarría

She graduated from the Law School at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where she studied a pre-specialty in Civil Law, therefore, she has a broad knowledge on the subject.

Thanks to her academic training, she has knowledge on the areas of Commercial Law, bankruptcy law, familiar law, notarial law and registration law.

She is part of the Civil Law area at Kroy Abogados since 2016 and has participated in any type of litigation on the subject, from nullity-related lawsuits to non-material damage lawsuits, as well as preventive consultancy for clients supported by the implementation of documentation and the best legal practices.

With more than 5 years of experience, she is focused on the civil, commercial and familiar law litigation area, therefore, she is experienced in the creation of any kind of agreement in said areas and in the implementation of various alternative means of resolution of controversies.

Furthermore, her practice also includes the development and implementation of defense and negotiation strategies in litigations, as well as the management of proceedings, procedures, remedies and writs of amparo before any authority in regards to civil law, including all the steps of the oral process implemented recently in the Mexican Law.