Laura Beatriz Nazario Jacobo

Bachelor in Law by the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She is a lawyer within the Labor Law Area of Kroy Abogados. During her years of practice, she has specialized herself in the resolution of criminal problems related to property, financial hydrocarbon-related, identity theft and drug counterfeiting crimes, developing experience in the defense of the interests of companies from various sectors, as well as natural personas, both at federal and local level in different states of the Mexican Republic.

She is experienced in the development and the implementation of defense strategies and the attention of the detainees and release during the investigation, legal consulting to victims of crime, creation and filing of complaints, attention to theft of merchandise, ownership accreditation procedures and claims of return of property insured during the investigation, re-establishment of property to a previous status, investigation follow-up, initial and complementary investigation, judicialization with or without detainee, protection measures, protective orders and injunctive relieves, creation and follow-up of requests of defense, as well as the submission of the applicable remedies.

With the purpose of strengthening her academic training, she studied a course on the new Accusatory Criminal Justice System conducted by the Law School of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in Coordination with the University of San Diego. Similarly, she is currently doing postgraduate studies at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, studying a Specialization in Criminal Law.