Jorge David Velázquez Cortés

Jorge David Velazquez Cortes has a vast experience in the area of litigation, in the fields of civil law, commercial law and amparo, said experience has allowed him to directly participate in litigations and legal proceedings of the pharmaceutic, education and construction industries.

Nevertheless, his professional experience has allowed him to intervene in family law dispute trials, such as probate proceedings, as well as several proceedings carried out in various public offices for the acquisition of positive results in the shortest time possible.

He has attended several courses, conferences, workshops and seminars, which has allowed him to stay up to date, favoring his academic and professional development.

Currently, he is a lawyer in the Civil and Commercial Law litigation area, as well as in various alternative means of resolution of controversies at Kroy Abogados, which has allowed him to execute the trials assigned to him until they have reached their due resolution and full conclusion.